7 Small Backyard Turf Ideas

Have you ever looked at your compact backyard and felt limited by its size? Many homeowners find themselves in a similar position. But, surprise! The size of your space can be its biggest asset. With the right ideas, even the tiniest patch can transform into an oasis. Did you know that over 50% of homeowners [...]

Ultimate Guide: Measuring Your Garden for Perfect Turfing

Ever looked at your garden and pondered, "How can I accurately measure this for turfing?" Many passionate gardeners dive into turfing, only to discover they've misjudged the space. Such missteps can be expensive in both time and money. But here's the silver lining! By the end of this guide, you'll have the know-how to measure [...]

Live Lawn Vs Artificial Grass (Pros And Cons)

In the world of landscaping and garden design, one question often creates a buzz: Should we opt for a live lawn or artificial grass? Both have their unique selling points, and each comes with its set of pros and cons. Artificial grass, a synthetic alternative to natural turf, offers durability and low-maintenance appeal, becoming increasingly [...]

Laying Turf in Autumn: Is it just as good as in Spring?

The turf-laying debate is one that continues to keep garden enthusiasts and homeowners talking. When is the right time to properly lay the turf? Spring, with its fresh burst of growth, seems to be the traditional choice. But as we peel back the layers of gardening wisdom, autumn emerges as a contender that is just [...]

Lawn Turf Or Grass Seed: How To Make The Right Choice

If you’re reading this blog, you're probably dreaming of giving your lawn a fresh, new look. You might have recently moved into a new home and discovered a garden that's seen better days. Or perhaps you're just tired of playing tug-of-war with your unyielding old lawn and are seeking a fast solution. The big question [...]

Mulching your Garden | Expert Tips and Guides

When it comes to giving your plants a happy, healthy home, few things are as essential as mulching. Mulch, at its core, is a protective layer spread on top of the soil. It can be organic like wood chips, grass clippings, or straw or inorganic, like pebbles or plastic sheeting. Mulch isn't just a pretty [...]

How Do I Repair Damaged Or Patchy Areas In My Turfed Lawn

Everyone adores a lush, verdant lawn. However, when your grass starts showing signs of damage or develops bare spots, the challenge of reviving it to its past splendor can seem overwhelming. Heavy usage throughout the summer or extended spells of heat and drought can lead lawns to look tired and patchy. Cold winters and constant [...]

How To Choose Suitable Garden Turf For The London Climate

When it comes to garden turf, you have many options to choose from. You’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed. However, doing some basic research can make things easier for you. Londoners understand that it’s hard to predict the climate, with periods of dryness, heavy rainfall, and even snow. Nonetheless, it is super important to [...]

How to Lay Turf Properly (Step-By-Step)

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, activities like laying turf can be a fun task. Laying new turf is a great solution for households who want to overhaul their lawns or revitalize their outdoor space. However, you need tools and proper guidance to effectively get this job done. It’s advisable to hire a turf laying service [...]

Turf Management (Techniques for Optimal Lawn Health)

A beautiful, healthy lawn is a greatly desired feature for many homeowners, as it not only enhances the curb appeal and value of their property but also provides a welcoming space to entertain and relax.  However, achieving and maintaining an enviable lawn requires careful planning and turf management techniques, with different approaches needed for the [...]

Using Coffee Grounds For The Garden (Gardening Guide)

Gardening enthusiasts often think about using coffee grounds to improve the overall health of their plants. You might have heard about the practice of using coffee grounds in your garden as well. But is it really helpful or harmful? Opinions on this topic are divided. While some gardeners swear by using coffee grounds to grow [...]

When Is The Best Time to Lay Turf in The UK

As a leading name in the landscaping industry, we often receive inquiries regarding the best time to lay the turf in the UK. Similar to other living organisms, turf has particular requirements for maximum growth. Neglecting these requirements can have grave consequences, leading to the demise of the turf even before it has a chance [...]
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