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Garden Maintenance Services in London and the surrounding areas

Garden maintenance describes the regular care involved in sustaining a certain appearance of your garden. This can vary depending on the person and the garden. Some people need their lawn cut once every ten days, while others need more complex garden maintenance. The amount of maintenance needed increases if you have a lot of plants or a very diverse range of plants.
PI Gardening teams cover London and the surrounding areas.

What is included in our garden maintenance services?

Garden maintenance services aim to save homeowners effort and time. You can book a qualified team to make sure your plants always look perfect. It’s also possible to order a one-time service and have only specific tasks performed that meet your individual needs.

Maintenance services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Manual weed removal
  • Chemical weed control
  • Fertilizing and reseeding
  • Lawn mowing and edge trimming
  • Green waste removal
  • Leaf clearance
  • Flower bed care
  • Pruning of shrubs, bushes, and small trees
  • Ivy pruning and hedge trimming
  • Planting and replanting

You can always count on our gardeners’ expert advice if you have any questions or decisions you need to make about garden care. We approach every project individually to make sure the client’s requirements are met, and the desired results – achieved. Here are some practical tips from our gardeners on how to keep your garden in prime condition:

How often should you water your garden?

In general, you should water your garden once a week, about 2 inches. Watering more often, but with less water is not recommended because the water evaporates and root growth is weaker.

How do you keep shrubs healthy?

To maintain the size and shape of shrubs, prune them lightly from time to time. You can use various tools depending on the area you are pruning and the size of the shrub. These include loppers, hand shears, and hedge shears.

How often should shrubs be watered?

Shrubs need careful watering to be maintained, in particular newly planted ones. Water them well once a week during their first season in the garden. If it rains, water them once every two weeks. Using a nozzle to manage flow (it should be slow), soak the soil around the shrub. Place the nozzle on the ground and turn on the water.

What is an eco friendly garden?

An eco-friendly garden is one that is maintained sustainably, where the homeowner is inspired by nature. The person in charge of taking care of the garden must consider the interactions taking place between the water, plants, soil, and other living elements

How do I kill weeds in my garden?

Salt is really helpful. Stir about 1 cup salt into 2 cups of water and bring the solution to a boil. To kill the weeds, pour it directly on them. Alternatively, you could sprinkle the weeds with salt. This will also work on unwanted grass that grows between patio blocks or bricks.

Garden maintenance near you: What to Look for?

Our teams cover London and the surrounding areas. If you choose us, we’ll give you the best low-maintenance garden ideas. Our expert advice and tips on how to maintain your garden with less effort are unbeatable. We have experience and are available on weekends and bank holidays. While the price is dependent upon the size of the job, we’re proud to be able to offer very competitive prices that we’re sure will satisfy you. We are fully insured and waiting for your call!

What people say about us?

Highly recommended!!

Rated 5 out of 5

Very efficient, professional team. They did a great job with power washing my garden and driveway paving and the garden maintenance and cleaning was done really well. Highly recommended!!

Dipesh Patel

Very professional team

Rated 5 out of 5

They are a very professional team. They did a great job in my garden and all at a great price. I would recommend it to all.

Martin Mitrev

Would recommend to all

Rated 5 out of 5

Cannot recommend enough, responsive, professional and all at a great price. Would recommend to all.

Alexander Atanasov

Great service

Rated 5 out of 5

Great service since we have been using for the past year, very reliable and thorough, our very mature large garden looks immaculate every time, highly recommended services.

Michael-Angel Otiniano

Amazing job done in our garden

Rated 5 out of 5

Amazing job done in our garden by Plamen and Ivan! Very reliable company, completing work to high standards as per quotation ! Definitely recommend them!


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