Lawn Mowing

Getting your lawn mowed: benefits of lawn mowing services

Professional lawn care and lawn mowing services save you time you can spend on other, more exciting things. Having overgrowth cleared on a regular basis keeps your lawn healthy and aesthetically appealing all year round. This in turn makes the living environment better. Grass purifies the air. Its refreshing, verdant colour calms the mind.

What do our local lawn mowing services include?

  • We perform lawn aeration in spring and early autumn to improve water and air flow to the grass roots. You can combine this service with top dressing or lawn feeding.
  • We trim the edges of your lawn neatly or form it to create a balance with other garden features. If you wish, our gardeners can install an appealing, decorative border.
  • We do overseeding to avoid patchiness and improve your lawn’s health. This also helps prevent thatch build-up.
  • In spring, the soil is fertilised against any diseases that can afflict it after winter. Starting spring with feeding your turf will improve the growth, health, and colour of the grass because specific, special nutrients will enrich the soil. We use UK-produced lawn fertiliser.
  • Feeding is also done in late summer to prevent unwanted developments caused by arid, hot weather.
  • We complete top-dressing after overseeding or aeration to help your lawn recover faster. This involves applying a special combination of sand and topsoil to the grassed area.
  • Weeds will be eradicated at once. Appropriate grass care means eliminating all weeds that hinder your lawn’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Lawn mowing tips from the experts

A lot of people wonder what the best time to cut the grass after winter is. When the temperature rises above 5°C in early spring, grass starts to grow really fast. When it reaches above 6 cm, you should mow your lawn. The issue of when to stop mowing your lawn is just as important. When the temperature drops, the grass’s growth slows down. That’s only natural. You can stop mowing your lawn regularly in early December. If the ground isn’t too wet or frozen, you can mow your lawn once every few weeks.

Average cost of lawn mowing service

The cost of lawn mowing services depends on the size and condition of the lawn. However, our competitive prices are sure to meet your budget. Our teams work in London and the surrounding area. If you choose us, you can be sure we’ll give you the best lawn maintenance ideas as well. We have vast experience and are available on weekends and bank holidays.

We will also advise you on the best fertiliser for your lawn depending on the type of grass you have as well as other factors. These include the seasonal conditions in your area and any specific features of the site of the lawn, such as the level of shade and degree of sunlight exposure.

You can always count on our expert advice if you have any questions or decisions you need to make about your lawn. We approach every project individually to make sure the client’s requirements are met, and the desired results – achieved.