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Live Lawn Vs Artificial Grass (Pros And Cons)

In the world of landscaping and garden design, one question often creates a buzz: Should we opt for a live lawn or artificial grass? Both have their unique selling points, and each comes with its set of pros and cons. Artificial grass, a synthetic alternative to natural turf, offers durability and low-maintenance appeal, becoming increasingly [...]

6 Artificial Grass Garden Ideas

As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, many of us can't wait to spend time in our own private green spaces. But maintaining a garden can be a real hassle, especially when it's looking overgrown or in need of serious maintenance. Fortunately, you can install an artificial grass garden. Artificial turf helps [...]

Artificial Grass On Decking: (All You Need To Know)

While artificial grass has become increasingly popular in the UK and other countries in the world, it still faces a lot of unnecessary misconceptions. Some people think that artificial grass would be a waste of money while others think it would be dangerous.  Artificial grass has been used for some time now in agriculture and [...]

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Garden If You Live in London

Probably you're reading this post because you're looking for ways to spruce up your garden in London. Now that spring is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to plan and envision your outdoor space in a new light. Upgrading your garden is a great way to bring your boring outdoor space back to [...]

How To Clean Artificial Grass With Ease

Artificial or fake grass offers incredible advantages. It doesn’t require the maintenance you need to keep natural grass in good shape. Besides, there's no need for fertilizers or any other product to keep artificial grass lush and green. Your lawn also doesn’t need mowing throughout the season. If you’re reading this post, you probably feel [...]

10 small garden landscaping ideas

Putting some useful small garden ideas to work can transform even the smallest yard into a miniature paradise. The existence of such a space is a blessing because it can ease the stress and help you relax. It provides a safe space for your children to play or a nice spot to invite your best [...]

Artificial grass for dogs – all you need to know

Homeowners are increasingly turning to artificial grass these days. Fake turf is becoming increasingly popular due to its low maintenance and weather resistance. But what about those who own pets? Understandably, their furry friends have concerns about placing synthetic grass when it comes to their furry friends. The most common question from our customers is [...]

Artificial Grass pros and cons

In the past, only sports clubs – and affluent ones at that – used artificial grass in the UK. Today, the chances of seeing it on your neighbour's front lawn and on the playing field are about the same. This article explains the pluses and minuses of artificial grass in your garden. Pros The biggest [...]