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What is landscaping?

Changes to existing terrain, the addition of plants, and building and erecting structures are all part of landscaping. This concept refers to laying out, planning, and developing gardens that enhance the aesthetic appeal and create useable space for outdoor activities around a property.

What is hard landscaping?

Hardscape is the hard things in your yard: stone, bricks, and concrete. A front yard that’s intensely hardscaped might have a lot of pavement, like a circular driveway, lots of rocks and gravel. Typical hardscape features include stone retaining walls and architectural light posts.

What is soft landscaping?

Softscaping is the soft stuff that grows, like perennial shrubs and flowers, trees, and succulents. While hardscape is not living, softscape is. Going overboard with softscaping has its risks too. A typical example is the creepy neighbor’s garden down the street, which looks like a jungle. The best-designed landscape will strike the right balance between hard- and softscape.

What’s included in our landscaping services?

Landscaping services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lawns
  • Planting beds, such as flower borders
  • Shrubs
  • Foundation plantings
  • Flowering trees
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Fountains
  • Water gardens
  • Walkways

Garden landscape ideas

Our clients have benefited from our tailoredgarden landscape solutions for typical landscape and yard challenges. We offer expert tips and advice on planting bountiful container and vegetable gardens. For example, did you know what the best ways to make your landscapeplan simpler are? Opt for resilient, low-maintenance plants, avoid complex detail, stick with basic materials, and go for simple, straightforward layouts.Low maintenance landscapes are a great option. If you can choose between a dwarf version and a big version of a tree, go for the former because it’ll need less pruning.

Garden landscaping process

This process is where art and science meet. Our landscape professionals boast a wealth of horticultural knowledge and familiarity with the principles and elementsof landscape design. We can help you transform your yard. Our landscape designers, architects, and contractors will guide you through the design and construction phase of the process.

While we have nothing against DIY, it does entail certain risk.You always need to have a plan. Landscape plans ensure that layout and scale have been thought out before the phase of construction. Our team will make a plan that suits your individual needs.We provide solutions to wind, slopes, insufficient space or sunlight, and other common landscape problems.

Hiring an experienced professional helps one avoid costly mistakes, such as deciding to start from a “tabula rasa” by cutting down a big tree from the landscape.

Garden landscaping cost

You can always count on our landscapers’ expert advice if you have any questions or decisions you need to make about landscaping. We approach every project individually to make sure the client’s requirements are met, and the desired results – achieved.

Landscaping near me

Our teams cover London and the surrounding areas. If you choose us, we’ll give you the best low maintenance yard ideas. We have experience and are available on weekends and bank holidays. While the price is dependent upon the size of the job, we’re proud to be able to offer very competitive prices that we’re sure will satisfy your budget.