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Fence installation services in London and the surrounding areas

We have many years of experience installing and repairing different types of fences and offer a vast variety of post and fence types. Our insured landscapers are working in London and the areas around. They are very experienced and fully equipped. We work exclusively with high-quality, weather-proof materials

Fence Repair Tips

Before investing in a new fence, consider the purpose it’s going to serve. Do you need extra security or are simply looking for more privacy? We work with many different kinds of fence panel models. You can always talk to the surveyor onsite if you are not sure what you’re going to need. They will be happy to consult you on the best solution according to your needs and requirements

We install a large number of popular fence types. Of these, the following deserve special mention:

  • Closeboard fences.
  • Overlap fences
  • Picket fences
  • Brick fences
  • Larchlap fences
  • Aluminium fences
fence repair final touches

How to Build a Fence

First, plan where your gate posts are going to be. Gate pickets should be aligned with the posts’ inside faces. Your gate size should enable use of full pickets.Note gate and post locations on the graph paper you use to draw a fence plan. Take gate hardware into account. Keep in mind each set attaches differently.

Planning Your Fence

Map out all fence corners, lines, gates, and lanes. Mark the future location of these fence elements using lath, bright paint, surveyor tape, or a long tape measure

digging holes for new fence posts

Permanent vs. Temporary Fence

Permanent fences include wood rails, electrified, or vinyl. They are much more suitable for long-term use. Some homeowners opt to include temporary fencing materials like wire or tape fencing along with wood or PVC rails to fortify the barrier. Concrete the posts if you opt for permanent fencing. These fences need maintenance more often because wood rail fencing involves nails

Temporary fencing is easy to move, install, and remove if you choose to build a stronger fence. Of temporary fencing, you can choose ready-to-use kits or wire. Wire comes in a spool.You install it across posts. It’s possible to use temporary fencing within a permanently fenced-in enclosure if you have animals. This will protect them from sink holes, trees, water sources, and eroded parts.

Temporary fencing is normally made of bare wire, tape, braided wire, and other light, durable materials. These materials are normally electrified.

wooden fence installation after repair
Repaired wooden fence

Establish Fence Lines

Take your time to lay the fence lines out carefully. Avoid rough terrain, stony areas, and steep climbs in the fence’s path. Replace the vegetation to prevent weed growth and erosion after levelling a fence line section.

Fence Post Repair

Before our teamstarts work on your fence repair, we will saturate the damaged parts with a wood preservative. This is if the reason for the fence repair is rot. Wood preservativekeeps it from spreading. We make sure the rail is level before we start working on making a cleat to support the rail. It’s a good idea to fit a 2x4underneath and use galvanized nails to nail it to the post.

The next step is to carefully caulk the sides and top of the repair to prevent moisture from seeping in.Galvanized steel T-braces are a more durable fence repair solution, available at most home improvement centers and hardware shops.
To use T-braces to repair rail, level the rail, then drill pilot holes into the rail and post. Galvanized screws will fix the T-braces to the rail nicely.
Caulk the joint, then paint the T-braces in a color corresponding to the fence.

Repaired wooden fence
wooden fencing

Reasons to Choose Our Fence Repair Services

Before you get to work on fence installation or fence repair, check homeowner’s association guidelines and local codes that might govern fence size, style, and placement. Posthole requirements may also be specified within codes. Find out if you need a permit.
Make sure you’re aware of property lines. To be safe, talk to your neighbours along your proposed fence line.

How to Install Concrete Fence Posts

You need to fix concrete fence posts into the ground the conventional way, which is by digging a hole. When you concrete the fence post into the ground, it should be at least 600mm deep. We recommend 760 mm for a 1.80 m high fence.Use either Post Mix concrete or a mixture of ballast and cement to install your concrete fence post. Slotted fence posts made of concrete are used with fence panels,the entire length of which is slotted to facilitate stepping on slopes. If you’re using slotted posts, you don’t need fixings to mount fence panels.

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How high can a fence be?

Contact the local planning office to learn what’s allowed in your area. Fence height is a planning policy issue. As a rule of thumb, fences in rear gardens can have a maximum height of 2 metres.

Our teams cover London and the surrounding areas. If you choose us, we’ll give you the easiest, most practicalfence repair and fence installation ideas. We are available on weekends and bank holidays. While the price is dependent upon the size of the job, we’re proud to be able to offer very competitive prices that we hope will suit you.

garden fence before repair

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