How To Clean Artificial Grass With Ease

How to clean artificial grass-cover

Artificial or fake grass offers incredible advantages. It doesn’t require the maintenance you need to keep natural grass in good shape. Besides, there’s no need for fertilizers or any other product to keep artificial grass lush and green. Your lawn also doesn’t need mowing throughout the season.

If you’re reading this post, you probably feel the need to clean up some spills on your artificial grass. The good news is that it’s super easy to clean the fake grass. That’s exactly why people call it maintenance-free grass. An increasing number of homeowners prefer installing artificial grass in their gardens due to its benefits. 

However, anything that stays outside accumulates dust and other environmental elements. If your lawn experiences too much foot traffic, then you should consider cleaning your grass on a regular basis. So, let’s spare some time from your busy life and restore that lush green appearance of your lawn

Let’s get started:

Do you need to clean artificial grass?

Before we explain how to clean artificial grass, let’s answer a frequently asked question. Do I really need to clean artificial grass? As we just mentioned, artificial grass is maintenance free but you have to clean it, especially if you have a pet.

Cleaning doesn’t mean you have to spend plenty of your time or buy some expensive cleaning tools to get this job done. 

How to clean artificial grass with dogs

You surely need a clean, enjoyable garden where your family and that lovely dog can spend some quality time. So, let’s explore how you can clean your turf after your dog uses it

  • How to clean dog wee from artificial grass

Dog wee can create unpleasant experiences. Nevertheless, it only takes a few minutes to get rid of that smell and keep your garden sanitary. 

  • First up, hose down the affected area with a garden hose to clean any lingering pee
  • Once done, prepare a solution using one part water and one part vinegar. 
  • Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray down the affected area. 
  • The last step is to rinse down the area with a hose. 

A leaf blower is a good tool to get rid of the larger debris. However, this will not clean the grass of dust and spills. The use of a garden hose rinses the turf thoroughly. But make sure to do it gently as too much pressure can damage the grass. 

If you want to regularly clean your garden, use a brush with soft bristles or a broom. Start from one end and move horizontally as you clean the grass. 

It’s that simple to clean your artificial grass even after your pet uses it as a bathroom. If you still feel the smell, just repeat the process. You can also use an artificial grass cleaner to get rid of strong smells. 

  • How to clean artificial grass dog poop

In this case, you need to do some extra work: pick up any hard droppings with a dustpan and brush. Use a tea towel to remove anything that may be remaining. Remember, make sure to get all the dog poop out of your grass before moving on to the next cleaning step. 

Mineral spirits can help you remove signs of solid debris. For this, all you need to do is soak a soft cloth in mineral spirits and then wipe the blades of grass. Just be sure mineral spirits don’t go beneath the turf. As a safety measure, wear gloves and a respirator when using mineral spirits. 

Once done, just follow the 4-step cleaning process we just mentioned in our last section. However, clean and wash the entire lawn instead of just one spot. If you want to clean your lawn in a professional way, use a pressure washer detergent. Finally, disinfect the broom and brush you use during the cleaning process. 

One of the benefits of artificial grass for dogs is that you don’t have to spend plenty of time and resources cleaning your garden.

Can you clean artificial grass with washing-up liquid?

Using chemical-based products to clean artificial grass or remove sticky stuff like dog poop is not recommended. However, you can use washing-up liquid. The best washing-up liquid is a mixture of water and vinegar. 

Some people prefer to use commercially available synthetic grass cleaners for better results. However, vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents households use to clean all kinds of household items including carpets and couches. 

Can you use a carpet cleaner on artificial grass?

Carpet cleaners are one of the most toxic cleaning chemicals you can have in your house. So, it would be ideal not to use such a product on your artificial grass.

The best cleaning solution you can use is a 50/50 water and vinegar spray that is not only harmless and effective but also eco-friendly and less expensive than conventional cleaning products.

Artificial grass pressure washer cleaning

Can you use a pressure washer on artificial grass?

Pressure washing is a common method people use to clean artificial grass with no infill. There’s no harm in using a pressure washer on your fake grass if you use a wide-angle tip and keep the wand around two feet away from the turf. Also, avoid spraying directly towards the ground. The right use of pressure washing will help you achieve two objectives: cleaning and fluffing the grass

If you have artificial grass with infill, think twice before using a power washer. The infill in your lawn creates that natural, soft feel of grass that provides a bit of cushion to keep the lawn safe for children. It also protects your lawn’s backing material which helps the grass keep its blades standing correctly. 

Therefore, avoid using any cleaning tool or method that has the potential to damage the integrity of your artificial grass. 

Can you use a vacuum cleaner on artificial grass?

Can you vacuum-clean your artificial grass? You need to take into account two things before vacuum cleaning your artificial grass. First, a vacuum can suck up your infill. As we just mentioned, infill is an integral part of your lawn and you don’t want to lose that soft, cushiony feel. 

Second, it’s possible that the suction from a powerful vacuum could loosen the artificial grass when done repeatedly. You might end up repairing your lawn. 

If you want to use a vacuum cleaner to clean your garden, make sure to consider these two possibilities. If your artificial grass doesn’t have infill, feel free to use a vacuum cleaner with care as it still has the potential to loosen up your lawn. 

There are many households out there that use vacuum cleaners to keep their garden clean. You can also find an artificial grass vacuum that is designed to clean the artificial turf. 

Final thoughts

If you want to extend the life span of your lawn, keep your artificial grass clean for your family and guests. Use a cleaning method that suits your turf. While vacuuming and power washing are effective cleaning options, be sure not to damage your lawn. Contacting a garden clearance service in London always has to be considered. We can help with priceless advice that can save you a lot of money.

If your grass is dusty or has small debris on it, use a garden hose to rinse it down. It’s also a good idea to use a broom to remove pet hair, leaves, and large debris. 

If you’re looking for artificial grass installation services in London or nearby, contact Pi Gardening! Read our blog if you struggle choosing grass seeds for your lawn. 

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