10 small garden landscaping ideas

Decking in small garden

Putting some useful small garden ideas to work can transform even the smallest yard into a miniature paradise. The existence of such a space is a blessing because it can ease the stress and help you relax. It provides a safe space for your children to play or a nice spot to invite your best friend to chat over a coffee on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Let’s examine some small garden ideas for spaces that you can put to use to transform your little yard!

What to consider before starting with your landscaping project in 2023

Before starting your new landscaping project, you need to visualize the end result well and consider some help from professionals in landscaping services. Better yet, you can express your small garden design ideas on paper. Firstly, think about your space and what are its characteristics. Which part is sunny and which one is shady? How will you be using your little garden? How much time will you spend there?

Then you can spend some time thinking of a theme or character you can give your garden. This is probably the most useful of small garden ideas because it will unify the space and help you with the selection of the materials and the shapes that will populate it. Think about the shapes, colours, and forms that inspire you the most. Make sure you structure the space in a way you find relaxing and inspiring.

Last but not least, you have to think in advance of the plants that you would like to include in the landscape of your small garden. Make a long list of your favourite plants. Then, check which plants have the right conditions like soil, sunlight, and the proper temperature to thrive.

You need to consider how your plants will function. Will they be a source of food for you or only provide you with their refreshing sight or lovely aroma? How they will be structured in the space? This is one of the first small garden ideas to consider.

After thinking of the function and structure of the space, let’s dive into some small garden design ideas that will help you embellish further.

1. Add levels to your tiny garden

Adding levels to your tiny garden will make it livelier and add perspective. You can raise your lawn area and make the patio area lower or vice versa. This new arrangement can create space for your pots with plants or an area for recreation or to socialize with your guests. Just make sure your lower area has proper water drainage.

Multilevel garden

2. Garden beds and corner bench

Building a corner bench from your garden bed wall will save you space and lend your garden a futuristic look.

3. A small patio with a comfortable sofa

You can create a small outdoor space for you to relax on sunny days by simply adding a sofa and some garden elements. There are plenty of different small patio garden ideas! For example, put the comfortable seats on one side of the garden and then add a small lawn with some flower pots to create a nice relaxing atmosphere on the other. You can connect them with a pathway or deck.

Make sure to place seats in a well-lit area in your garden so you can take full advantage of the warm rays of the sun. And if the sun is strong, you can add a pergola.

4. Vertical planting

An outside wall, fence, or shed could be ideal for hanging plants and thus using your space creatively. Vertical planting is an especially useful small garden idea for yards without grass. It lets you transform any wall and fence by adding colour and vigour. When you choose the support of your vertical garden, make sure your fence is solid enough to hold the pots and baskets that you are going to hang there.

5. Decking

Decking is one of the small garden design ideas that always work like a charm. Adding a decking installation to your garden is a versatile way to lend it character and definition. And it can be very inexpensive too. Consider some small garden decking ideas on a budget and choose the option that is best for your little outdoor space.

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Decking in small garden

6. Artificial grass

Maintaining a lawn is time-consuming, let’s be honest. And while it is very rewarding to touch real grass and soil, adding artificial grass can be one of the best small garden design ideas for everyone on a tight schedule.

The advantage is that your tiny garden will stay lush and green all year round with no need for watering and trimming.

astro turf installation

7. A tiny Zen fountain

One of the smartest small garden ideas is adding a water source. If you live in a city or another busy area, the sounds of the passing cars can seep in. The sound of the water will soften them and augment the relaxing atmosphere of your tiny garden.

Zen Fountain

8. The right balance between vegetation and hardscape

When doing your small garden project, consider the space and how to populate it with plants on one hand and paths, walls, benches, or decking on the other. Balance is important because you do not want to create a space that is so overcrowded with vegetation that it looks like a jungle.

9. Curate small rockeries

You can arrange rockeries along the path or in the lawn or flowerbeds. Combine stones of different colours and hues or combine monochromatic stones with plants or decorative grass.

If you have a green thumb and some experience in DIY construction, you can realize these small garden design ideas on your own. However, if you are on a tight schedule, PI Gardening offers you a full range of services to transform your small garden into a tiny paradise. From maintenance and cleaning to the installation of fences, decking, and artificial grass, nothing is off limits. Our experts are ready to help you with ideas and practical solutions to bring your space to life!

10. Add a creative pathway with stepping stones

Even the tiniest garden needs a path or two to get from the lawn to the resting area or from your house to the gate. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your materials. Use gravel and add curved, natural stepping stones. Walking on stepping stones naturally slows you down. It adds to the texture atmosphere of peaceful serenity and helps you appreciate the beauty around you.

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