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Do you dream of a beautiful and well-kept garden but don’t have the needed time to make it come true? Well, you are in the right place. Our dedicated and high qualified Twickenham gardeners аre your saviours.

  • Our expert gardeners will gather all information and give you the best possible advice./li>
  • Detailed quote with all material we are going to use
  • Professional equipment, included in the price
  • Flexible timing that works for your schedule
  • Cleaning and removing all waste when the job is completed

What do our services include?

Our Twickenham professional gardeners try to satisfy as many needs as possible to appeal to all customers’ requirements.

Their many years of experience will undoubtedly lead to unrecognisable improvements to your garden.

Our professionals will create an excellent place for you and your family where you can spend some time together, relax, or enjoy the superb weather. Moreover, а good- looking garden is the perfect place to gather with friends or have a barbeque, for example. Put another way, we will ensure your peace of mind and a beautiful garden to enjoy.

So, they could deal with several tasks.

Lawn Repair Service in London
Garden construction in Twickenham

Landscaping Twickenham

PI Gardening work both in Twickenham and Strawberry Hill. You can trust our experts for a complete transformation of your garden whether you live in or around Twickenham. We aim to provide our clients with the garden of their dream. We try to focus on individual needs, and when designing a garden, we consider customers’ aspirations and needs. For instance, whether they have children or the elderly. Our experts manage to complete their projects on time and achieve stunning results by taking their work so seriously and professionally. They undoubtedly can turn your garden into аn unrecognisable cosy place. To be convinced of my words, you can follow the link and check some testimonials from our clients

Artificial Grass

Nowadays, artificial grass is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Its low maintenance and endurance are only a tiny part of the advantages that make people resort to it. The constant care of natural grass, such as mowing or watering, could be quite an overwhelming and time-consuming task. The proper installation of synthetic grass is of great importance. If you want your grass to stay longer and the money you give doesn’t go to waste, hire professionals who provide high-quality artificial grass services, especially those of you who don’t have the needed skills. Our experts will help you with the process and give you the best piece of advice for an excellent result.

PI gardening team completed another project
Garden decking Twickwenham

Garden Decking Twickenham

Make a feature of your favourite spot in the garden or extend your living space with a decked dining area and make your outdoor space even more attractive. Our specialists try to meet every personal preference and at the same time make the place you choose look aesthetically pleasing. Twickenham professional gardeners design decks out of softwood hardwood and provide great decking installation services, so you can choose between various. Moreover, the lights we add create a pleasant atmosphere during the summer evenings.


Our Twickenham professional gardeners could deal with your turfing laying too. Our work is not only environmentally friendly but also profitable. We improve soil quality and level the area before laying the turf chosen by our clients. Our service also includes clearing plants, grass, and roots. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our competitive prices and high-quality work.

TuTurfing project Twickenham

Garden Driveways Twickenham

Garden Driveways are in high demand from our customers these days. It is essential to use appropriate materials to last as long as possible. The installation process is also of great importance, so if you want to see the results that you have expected, you should be sure that the specialists are well acquainted. Our Twickenham gardeners will live up to your expectations. They use many types of hard landscaping materials, on their own or in combination, such as paving, both natural stone and block, natural stone setts, and gravel in various ways such as resin bonded, resin bound, stabilised in matting, and loose.

Now, you are already familiar with our services. If you are from Twickenham and have any problems or needs related to your garden, you can contact us on this number: 020 4538 3180 or via our email: info@pigardening.co.uk.

Areas of Twickenham that we cover

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020 4538 3180

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TW1. TW2

Areas we cover within the city:

Twickenham, St. Margarets, Strawberry Hill (east), Twickenham (west), Whitton, Strawberry Hill (west), Fulwell (north)

Other locations we cover nearby Twickenham

Transform your garden in Twickenham!

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