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More about our services

Most homeowners don’t have the needed time to take care of their garden. It would be a pity to neglect such a place that could be turned into a piece of nature where you can enjoy the green scenery. Our professional Teddington gardeners will give you a hand in your garden maintenance and transform it into a new, better place according to your preferences. We try to satisfy as many needs as possible. Our services include decking, landscaping, fence installation, turfing or lawn mowing. The work of our dedicated and high experienced team will lead to excellent results. Moreover, you don’t need to worry anymore about the runtime- punctuality is of great importance for us. If we pique your interest, you can check some testimonials from our clients.

Garden construction in Twickenham


The design of your garden changes the entire look of your home, and there is no doubt that the exterior of your outdoor space won’t stay unnoticed by your neighbors. Nowadays, there are many options to make your yard more interesting by adding shrubs, fountains, or planting beds. So, the look of your garden depends entirely on your personal preferences. Our qualified experts have many years of experience in garden landscaping services and will give you the best possible advice. Moreover, you won’t be disappointed after their work. Here you can take a glimpse at our article and look at some landscaping ideas that might help you.

Artificial grass

There is no need to mention the popularity of artificial grass these days. Its low maintenance attracts more and more people, especially pet owners who already have cares around their furry friends. The proper installation of your synthetic grass is essential for longevity. So, if you consider installing artificial grass, you had better contact specialists who have experience in that. Our Teddington team has many years of experience installing artificial grass, and they will be there whenever you need them.

PI gardening team completed another project
turf laying in the garden


If you wonder what ground cover to install for your garden, turfing would probably be the best option. It is not only affordable but also environmentally friendly. Our team aims to use eco-friendly materials as much as possible or reuse old ones. When it comes to turfing laying, you don’t need to worry- our professional Teddington gardeners will provide you with a newly turfed lawn within weeks. We use high-quality seeds and help you with soil preparation. So, you have nothing left but to enjoy your new green place.


If you have too much space in your yard, a possible solution is decking installation. Our dedicated gardeners in Teddington can create a useable place where you can enjoy your time. We install both softwood and hardwood, so the choice depends entirely on your needs. These structures can last decades with a proper installation. So, make sure you get specialists who have experience in that. Here you can see all you need about decking installation.

decking installation
freshly mowed lawn

When you are already familiar with our services, you can rely on our qualified team if you have any problems with your garden. Their professionalism and dedication undoubtedly lead to an excellent result. So, if you are from Teddington or around the area, don’t hesitate to ask for our help or just for advice.  You can contact us on 020 4538 3764 or via our email: info@pigardening.co.uk.

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