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Do you dream of a beautiful garden but don’t have the needed time to make it come true? Well, we may have a solution for you.

What to expect from us?

  • All the information you need and the best possible advice
  • A detailed quote of all materials we use
  • Professional equipment, included in the price
  • Flexible time
  • Cleaning and removing all waste after completing the work
  • Fully insured team
  • Competitive prices

More about our services

We offer various services to satisfy as many desires as possible. Our Isleworth professional gardeners are highly experienced in their field, so you can genuinely rely on their skills. Their dedication and attention to detail lead to an excellent result as soon as possible. To be convinced, you can check some testimonials from our clients. Our Isleworth team is ready to give you a hand whenever you want. Whether you have a problem with the fence or just need mowing, they will complete all the tasks you have delivered on time. Moreover, if you are from Isleworth and need help with your garden, don’t miss to take advantage of our competitive prices.

Artificial grass
TuTurfing project Twickenham


Are you looking for the perfect ground cover for your garden? Well, a possible option for you is turfing. Our Isleworth professionals will create a lovely green space outside your house as if you are somewhere around nature. Our gardeners have been laying turfed lawn for a long time. Therefore, they know exactly where and how to acquire the best possible quality seeds. Our turfing procedure includes several steps: levelling the area before getting to work, preparation of the soil, laying turf of your choice, and clearing all the plants, grass, roots, and leaves from the lawn area. We can transform your garden into an evergreen place by laying affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly turfing.


There is nothing better than enjoying your time outside the house where you can read a book or play with your pet around trees, plants, shrubs, and many flowers. Our Isleworth professionals offer different landscaping services that would undoubtedly make your garden more pleasant and attractive. Not only do we add erecting structures, buildings, and plants, but we also offer garden landscaping ideas that may appeal to your taste. Learn more about our services and the differences between hard and soft landscaping.

artificial grass installation
PI gardening team completed another project

Artificial grass

Nowadays, one of our most common services is the installation of artificial grass. There is no need to mention the benefits of synthetic turf compared to real ones. Its low maintenance and endurance attract most homeowners who are already tired of watching the miserable look of their natural grass that is no longer as green as before, thanks to the weather and their little furry friends. The proper installation is essential if you want your grass to stay longer. It requires time, energy, materials, and tools. So, if you wish, you had better contact professionals to do it instead of you.

Garden clearance

A weedy, overgrown garden could be a real thorn in the eyes. It makes you feel despondent and leaves a wrong impression on your neighbours and other community members. Our Isleworth gardeners return the previous look of your garden whenever you need them. We offer packing and disposal of all green waste. Furthermore, the team we sent is tailored to the size and condition of your garden for maximum efficiency. Additionally, we are available on weekends and bank holidays.

garden clearance final touches
Garden construction in Twickenham



Our experts in Isleworth save your time, efforts, and hassle of maintaining your garden. Further, please Take advantage of our customized approach to each project in Isleworth and around the area.  If you need help with your yard care or just advice, you can contact us by our phone at 020 4538 3180 or via info@pigardening.co.uk.

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