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The appearance of your garden is essential for the impression you leave on your neighbours. Moreover, it changes the look of your entire home.

What do we offer?

  • All the information you need and the best possible advice
  • A detailed description of all the materials we are going to use
  • Professional equipment, included in the price
  • A flexible time that suits you
  • Cleaning and removing all waste after the competition of our work
  • Fully insured team

More about our services

We put our clients‘ needs the first place. Our customised and tailored approach has attracted many homeowners in Chiswick and around the area for many years now. Therefore, we try to satisfy as many desires as possible. So, our services vary from fence installation to patio cleaning.  To be convinced in my words, you can check some testimonials from our customers and learn more about our work here

Garden construction in Twickenham


Every homeowner wants a beautiful garden where they can spend a lovely time. The good appearance of your outdoor space is not only for the impression you leave on your neighbours but also for your personal satisfaction. Our Chiswick team can take care of the entire look of your yard. Moreover, we could offer you landscaping ideas which are tailored to your own space and preferences. With a little effort we could transform your garden into a beautiful place where you can enjoy the astonishing view. The addition of flowers, shrubs, or trees will add greenery and more natural look. Besides, our services are not limited only to this, we also offer construction of walkways, driveways, fountains, or even water gardens.

Fence installation and repair Chiswick

Do you have any problems with your fence? Well, our Chiswick professional gardeners have a solution for you. Our highly experienced team have been dealing with fence related problems for many years now, so there is no doubt that their services would be the best choice. They are well accomplished both in repairing and installing different types of fences. Furthermore, please, don’t miss to take advantage of our work with high-quality and weather-proof materials.

astro turf installation

Artificial grass

It would be a pity not to offer artificial grass installation, given its popularity lately. Its low maintenance attracts many homeowners, especially pet owners. There is no doubt that the installation of synthetic turf is the perfect solution for those of you who don’t have the needed time to take care of their lawn. Our gardeners will install it step by step in no time. The installation process could be quite precise, so you better ask for the help of specialists.

Patio Cleaning

There is no doubt that you will need patio cleaning once in your life, no matter what type of paving you have. The growth of weeds and lichen is well known to every homeowner, and constant cleaning could be an overwhelming task. Our Chiswick professional gardeners will clean your patio, pathway and driveway using high pressure, concrete washing systems. So, you don’t need to worry anymore about the annoying cleaning procedure. Instead, you can just relax and enjoy the clean ground in your yard. You can freely say goodbye to all the grease and oil stains on your driveway. Besides, it would help if you took advantage of our effective high-pressure washing method, which would blast anything that stands in its way.



Should you need any further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our email info@pigardening.co.uk or at 020 4538 3803.  We could make ourselves available at any time.

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